Define your news.

We offer custom news streams that help you keep up to date with your business environment and the media.

Our tailored news streams enable you to react quickly and efficiently to changes happening around you.

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  • Broad view of your industry
  • Support for strategic decisions
  • Changes in the operational environment

Sales and marketing

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Potential customers
  • Right moment to approach customers


  • Up to date information for internal and external communications
  • Internal shared knowledge

Personal development

  • Latest news in your field of expertise
  • Personal interests
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  • Wide coverage of sources
  • Powerful filtering
  • Visualizations
  • Email and RSS
  • Customizable
  • Grouping of keywords
  • Thousands of keywords without complex syntax
  • Adaptive filters using machine learning


We are currently offering our services to Finnish customers, but will expand to other regions in the near future.

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